06_a path & a park

Two days before July, and two days after we were assigned our rented bikes, Magdalena introduced us to Rasmus Frisk. Recognizable by his unique accent and popular TEDx Talk, Rasmus is the founder and leader of his urban design firm, arki_lab, which is headquartered in Copenhagen with another office in Sydney. Like his fellow citizens,… Continue reading 06_a path & a park


Memories of Malmö

Near the end of June, we learned that the municipalities of Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden are essentially separated in distance, time, culture, and history by less than 10 miles of water and a small island. Traveling between the two cities takes about an hour, and involves a train ride both under and over the… Continue reading Memories of Malmö

05_tietgen dormitory

The Tietgen Dormitory is an architectural fan favorite of several Auburn architecture students and its plan has been studied for countless housing studio projects. Visiting it in person left me starstruck, and its ArchDaily page really didn't do it justice. The dormitory houses graduate students at Copenhagen University and sits right beside a couple of… Continue reading 05_tietgen dormitory


A half mile in length, Superkilen Park winds its way through the west side of Nørrebro. The expanding and contracting wedge fills in the previously unprogrammed space among Copenhagen's most diverse neighborhoods and housing blocks. The project mainly involved landscaping, urban planning, and streetscape design and was intended to reflect the surrounding ethnic diversity with… Continue reading 04_superkilen

02_black diamond

Affectionately nicknamed, the Black Diamond, this addition to the original Danish Royal Library is located on the Southeast water edge of Power Island. Completed in 1999 by Danish architects, SHL, the library also holds a photography museum, a cartoon museum, several exhibition spaces, and a 600-person auditorium. The project includes the private programming in the gray… Continue reading 02_black diamond

Time Traveling with Dr. Courtney Coyne-Jensen

The past two days of our Copenhagen excursions have been lead by the brilliant Dr. Courtney Coyne-Jensen. A long time friend of Magdalena's, we borrowed her from her usual day job of teaching in Malmö, Sweden. Casually stepping through time as we turned corner after corner, Dr. Jensen gave us just a snippet of her… Continue reading Time Traveling with Dr. Courtney Coyne-Jensen